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Areas of Expertise

*Commercial *Narrative * Real Person *Audiobooks * Educational *

Vocal Characteristics: Approachable, Believable, Bubbly, Calming, Cheery, Creative, Earthy, Folksy, Natural, Encouraging, Enbergetic, Female, Feminine, Graceful, Likable, Mom, Nurturing, Playful, Sincere, Soft, Story Teller, Strong, Tough, Warm, Wholesome 

Studio Equipment: 

DAW: Protools 12.8.2 and Twisted Wave Technologies

Interface: Scarlett Solo/Focusrite 24 bit 192kHz

Microphone: ADK Mk8 Large Diaphragm Side Address Condenser Microphone

Computer:  iMac Retina 4K

Commercial Demo - Justina P Wilkerson
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Narrative Demo - Justina P Wilkerson
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Contact Me

Morning Lark Studios

Up Before the Sun... Recording for You

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Morning Lark Studios

Up Before the Sun...Recording for You

Justina P Wilkerson

Justina Wilkerson is the voice of Morning Lark Studios, a state-of-the-art ProTools recording studio that can meet your voiceover needs. A natural storyteller of Southern distinction, Justina delivers a polished audio product that is as refreshing as a glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day. 

  • Professionally-trained voiceover actor

  • Relatable, down-home delivery 

  • Competitive pricing

  • Commercial and narration


Come join Justina on the veranda at Morning Lark Studios and allow her signature voice to meet your commercial and narrative needs.    


        Morning Lark Studios. Up before the Sun…Recording for you!


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